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  • Clerk

    • Can I request public records from the Town of Thatcher?

    • I sustained an injury / damage and the Town is responsible, what do I do?

    • What are the Town's business hours?

  • Finance

    • I am a City employee and I didn't receive my paycheck. What do I do?

  • Fire Department

    • Why does a fire truck show up when I call for EMS?

    • What can I legally burn and when can I burn it?

    • What is your response time?

  • Parks & Recreation

    • How do I register for classes?

    • How do I rent a City facility?

    • What classes and camps are currently available?

  • Planning & Zoning

    • Can I change the zoning or General Plan designation of my property?

    • What are setbacks?

    • What businesses can I operate on my property?

  • Police Department

    • How do I get a copy of my driving record?

    • How do I get a copy of an accident report?

    • If my keys are locked in my vehicle, can the TPD open my vehicle for me?

  • Public Works

    • How do I establish utility service for an existing residence?

    • Who do I contact for cable / internet problems?

  • Utilities

    • What is the amount of the deposit?